freshly folded staff

About Freshly Folded​

Before Steve and I started Freshly Folded, I was a mom of 3, with a full time job in corporate America. Life was busy, to say the least. The concept of work life balance was a dream. As was owning our own business. Steve had been in the laundry space for a few years and we saw the need for a pick up and delivery laundry service to help busy parents and professionals to strike a work/life balance.

There were only a few companies offering this service in San Diego County and we knew we wanted to be different then the competition. We wanted our customers to feel like they were doing their laundry themselves. So we decided to offer a completely customized service with NEXT day return.

Our customers select their detergents and softeners, tell us their preferred wash/dry temps, and let us know what they want folded or hung. They can even request we air dry certain garments. We provide all new customers with a welcome kit including a reusable laundry bag and a mesh bag for special care items. This helps us provide top-notch service to our customers.

Our customers love laundry day, where they just place their dirties on their doorstep and we pick it up and return it freshly folded the very next day. Our favorite thing about being in business is the ability to help improve people’s quality of life!