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Gown Preservation will clean and preserve your wedding gown for a lifetime.  Our preservation service comes with at 100 year guarantee!

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Preserve your wedding dress or other gowns with Freshly Folded.

Trying to decide what to do with the most expensive dress you have ever purchased?  The most common options are:

  • Preserve it (maybe for future generation to wear)
  • Preserve it to use it to make a veil, christening gown or baby blanket.
  • Wear it again (if you have two wedding events, a friend or family member wants to wear it for their special occasion
  • You plan to sell it.

Did you know that sugar will turn brown over time?  Most wedding celebrations include sugar… cake, frosting, champagne, wine and more.  And, brides are often out dancing all night sweating up a storm.  T the end of the special day, you have to ask yourself if you (or someone else) ever plans to wear the dress again. If so, at minimum, you will need your garment is dry cleaned.  Preservation, however, takes this a step further.  We know that any good wedding celebration has resulted in at least one stain on your dress.  Some substances, like sweat, oils and sugar, might not be obvious the day after your special event, but they can oxidize over time and appear yellow if you don’t preserve the grown. 

Freshly Folded offer gown preservation done right, WITH a 100 year guarantee!  Your gown will be cleaned during the process and then packaged with materials that won’t change the color of your gown over time.  You can also send in gloves, veils, and any other special items you want preserved with your gown.  Shoulder pads and bust pads are removed from your dress and carefully tucked away with the gown in a way that won’t harm your garment over time.


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