Best Laundry Service In San Diego


Freshly Folded offers a complete menu of laundry and dry cleaning services with free pickup and delivery in San Diego & the surrounding areas. Our easy sign-up process allows you to set up laundry service to match your exact preferences. You get to choose the laundry products we use, water temperature & tumble dry settings. Tell us if you want your clothes dried/folded or hung and if you want your socks rolled or folded.

When you schedule service, we’ll provide you with a welcome kit that includes bags for both washable & dry cleaned items. You can manage everything online and make changes to your account at any time. At Freshly Folded, we make laundry day EASY! Schedule a pickup today and leave the laundry by the door.

Wash / Dry / Fold
We understand that everyone has different laundry demands and needs. In order to best cater to your own specific laundry needs, Freshly Folded offers customizable laundry cleaning, so you can choose what works best for you and your family. Become a repeat, weekly customer and pay just $1.95 per pound. By request customers are charged $2.15 per pound.
You can always expect Freshly Folded to:
  • Check your pockets for anything that can ruin your garments
  • Separate your lights and darks so they can be washed separately
  • Clean your laundry according to your personal instructions and those on the care label
  • Ensure your laundry is always cleaned separately from other customers
  • Provide top notch customer service and professionalism
Dry Cleaning
We understand that you have options for your dry cleaning service. With Freshly Folded we make sure that even the smallest detail is attended to. We will not only pick up your dry cleaning and laundry for free, but deliver it to your work or home in 48 to 72 hours. Be sure to leave us with special instructions-we’ll listen! Our ordering process for dry cleaning is similar to our laundry service. We understand that your dry-cleaning is important and that you might have special care instructions, which is why we allow our customers to leave us specific notes with each load of laundry. Give Freshly Folded a try and feel and see the difference. Why wait? Get started today!
Commercial Laundry
Freshly Folded is happy to offer quality laundry services to commercial businesses from hotels, spas, chiropractors’ offices, hair salons, fitness clubs, medical facilities, and so much more. We have plenty of high-efficiency machines with industrial-sized load capacity, big enough to handle your laundering needs. With a variety of detergent and fabric softener options, including natural and biodegradable, your business will be sure to find a solution that works for you. Partner with Freshly Folded for your laundry needs today and get back to doing business.
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