Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service in La Jolla, CA

Hello, La Jolla!!

Whether you’re out on the golf course or swimming in the ocean, life in La Jolla is pretty nice. You’ve got the nice warm weather that California is known for, there are plenty of things to do, and you have ocean views to top it all off.

Why not make your days just a little more fun by cutting out one of the most onerous and hated chores? Do you really enjoy doing laundry? It takes up a great deal of time each week, and after you treat that tablecloth for stains and separate your darks and whites, you’re probably not in a “let’s go golfing” mood.

That’s why we want you to try Freshly Folded.

Freshly Folded offers laundry pickup and delivery service in La Jolla, CA. We’ll do your laundry exactly the way you want it done. Choose your detergents, fabric softeners and dryer sheets. You can even tell us how you want your clothes folded or hung – right down to your socks (rolled or folded?). Better yet, we offer eco-friendly and fragrance-free options right down the line.

So if you live in La Jolla, CA, you can scratch laundry off of your to-do list. We’ve got you covered.

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