Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service in Chula Vista, CA

Hola Chula Vista!!

There is so much happening and so much to see in Chula Vista! Whether you’re at the Olympic Training Center, visiting the marina, or busy running errands, the last thing you have time to do is laundry.

The world is moving too fast for you to worry yourself with such an onerous chore. Let Freshly Folded pickup your laundry for you so that you can nail that butterfly stroke, learn about your favorite stingray, or finally get some much needed retail therapy out of the way.

We know you are probably pretty specific about your laundry process. That’s why we want to honor and entertain as many of your choices as possible. You get to choose your detergents, softeners, water temperature, dryer temperature, how you want us to fold your clothes and textiles, and a whole lot more. We also vow to deliver your laundry back to you within 24 hours of pickup.

Stay beautiful, Chula Vista! We’re excited to be working with you!!

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