​Pick Up and Delivery Dry Cleaning
Doesn’t get any more convenient!

We know it’s becoming increasingly hard to find a good dry cleaner in your neighborhood, so we will come to you!  We think you will agree that our dry cleaning service is the best in town! 

If you are looking to save a little time, try pick up and delivery Dry Cleaning Service.  No more hassle with bringing your clothes to the dry cleaner, during their very inconvenient operating hours.  Instead, drop your dry cleaning in your green laundry bag (provided by Freshly Folded) and let us take the hassle out of dry cleaning. 

We are happy to pick up dry cleaning on its own or in addition to your wash and fold order. 

  • We require $35 minimum for both orders combined
  • Wash and Fold order returned next day
  • Dry Clean Orders returned at a later date (about 7 days)
  • No Delivery Fees
  • Freshly Folded provides special green laundry bag, upon request

Dry Cleaning Prices

  • Shirts, Blouses, Dress Shirts, T-Shirts $7.25
  • Sweater/ Sweatshirt $8.50
  • Pants $7.75
  • Jeans $7.75
  • Skirt $6.50
  • Sweater 2 piece $16.00
  • Dress (Simple) $12.50
  • Dress (Fancy) $21.50
  • Suit 2 piece $16.75
  • Suit 3 piece $21.50
  • Tie $3.75
  • Down Comforter 48.00
  • King $45.00
  • Queen / Double / Twin Comforter 40.00

As you can see, our dry cleaners near San Diego is fully equipped to do more then just your laundry. If you need clothes cleaners near Encinitas we have you covered. If you need dry cleaning picked up, we can do that too near Rancho Santa Fe! And if you need launder and pressed near Carlsbad, we have that as well. Freshly Folded meets all of your laundry needs near La Jolla.