Commercial Towel Service for Pet Care, Dog Grooming, Pet Hotels and Veterinary Offices

Fresh Towels and Bedding for our Furry Friends

Animal care is big business, and our household pets make a lot of laundry.  Whether you are a veterinarian office, dog groomer, run a pet hotel, or horse stable, Freshly Folded Commercial laundry service can help take a load off!  Our commercial laundry service can handle your towels and bedding for animals.  We can also handle horse blankets and other heavy items. 

Our commercial laundry equipment is equipped to handle your needs! 

We love our pets but they can leave a lot of hair on everything from their pet beds to our clothing. Our expert launderers will get the pet smell and the dog hair off of your items.  Freshly Folded specializes in commercial laundry service. If you own a business that generates dirty laundry then let us take that off of your plate. Our laundry service for business will give you one less thing to worry about.  

Price of commercial laundry service is by pound, NOT by item, which is great for your bottom line.` Don’t worry if your items arrive wet or damp, we charge AFTER the order is complete!

Prices depends on how much laundry, how often you require service, and what type of laundry it is. Call for a bid (619) 586-5755 or email us at