Commercial Laundry Service for Hotels and Resorts

Clean Rooms, Clean Linens, Clean Towels, Oh My!

San Diego County is full of amazing places to explore and draws people in from all over and your guests want clean sheets and towels after a day at the beach!  Freshly Folded laundry delivery service specializes in just that!  You can schedule regular pick up service, or schedule by request and we will return your towels and bedding the very NEXT day.

We offer “By-The-Pound” pricing that results in a very competitive price!Don’t worry if your items arrive wet or damp, we weigh and invoice AFTER the order is complete.

Prices depends on how much laundry, how often you require service, and what type of laundry it is. Call for a bid (619) 586-5755 or email us at

Guest Laundry Services

Guests often need laundry service while on vacation or during business travel.  If you have guests staying at your facility that need laundry service, they can sign up for residential service at and they will be able to experience the same great laundry service with NEXT DAY return!