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Keeping Your Skin Safe with Freshly Folded’s Hypoallergenic Options

August 12, 2021

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No one wants to feel like their clothes were half-washed, so we tend to gravitate towards brands full of powerful perfumes and intense cleaning agents.

Why is this?

Because our brains have been trained to associate that “clean laundry smell” to mean our clothes are clean.  Yet, most detergents and softeners are created with harsh chemicals that can irritate our skin, so adding more might be pleasant to our sense of smell, but really aggravate our sense of touch.

Skin safety and ingredient purity is incredibly important to many people, including mothers, teenagers, people with allergies, and people in dry climates who want to avoid itchy, inflamed skin.  Many mainstream harsh products can be swapped out for more gentle options that are free of fragrance and dyes that can irritate, or even damage the skin. 

At Freshly Folded, we care about customizing your service down to the detergent and softener formula...

We offer All Free and Clear detergent, with stain lifting agents for whitening and brightening, without the harsh ingredients you might find in regular bleach. This detergent is even gentle on our environment with a bottle containing 25% post-consumer recycled plastic. You don’t have to worry about needing warmer water to boost the gentle formula, because this detergent performs just as well in cold washes, as it does in hot.

Another detergent we love at Freshly Folded is our Ecos Lavender Plant Powered detergent. Ecos Lavender introduces stain-fighting enzymes to your laundry, while staying away from dyes and formaldehyde phthalates. This is the perfect detergent for anyone looking for a light, calming scent, while keeping your sensitive skin in mind. Ecos Lavender is also not tested in animals, and made in a zero waste facility using 100% renewable energy.

When it comes to softener, we’re a big fan of our Bounce Free and Gentle dryer sheets, which will leave your laundry as soft as ever, without irritating perfumes in the mix.

And it doesn’t get more natural than using white vinegar as a softener in the wash! White vinegar is our laundry hack we learned from grandma, which was a typical softener before Downy or Gain were marketed to us a laundry necessity. White vinegar is a great all-in-one product for softening, cleansing, and deodorizing. What’s unique about white vinegar is that while it deodorizes even the strongest smells, it leaves no vinegar scent of its own. 

Keep your skin safe and your environment clean with any of these gentle, hypoallergenic products at Freshly Folded. You can update your laundry preferences to include these products at any time through the customer portal. Or give a quick text to our customer service line at 619-586-5755, including your name and the product you’d like to add to your next order. 

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