May 17

Time to read a good book!

Is there anything better than getting hooked on a good book? A story so satisfying that you can’t concentrate on anything else and it’s your all-consuming desire to read it over all other activities. Fiction. Nonfiction. Novels. Short stories. What about a mystery? A “who done it”. Murder. That spine... read more →
Mar 28

I’ve Got A Feeling…

Do you make decisions partially based on feelings? Well, what about when you are purchasing clothes, linens, or other textiles for around your home? Did you know that the way something feels can often be quite indicative of the overall quality and durability of the item?  We take extra care... read more →
Mar 09

Give Me a Break

Who needs a break? Whether you’re a student or a parent, the answer was probably a resounding “ME!” Between the hustle and bustle of the school year, working a fulltime job, planning out your future, juggling all your kids’ needs, and everything else on your plate, it sure can be... read more →
Feb 02

Conquering All Things Linen

Linen closets can be their own special nightmare. First of all, the physical closet itself is often too small to really be that effective. Additionally, it seems as though these closets become a dumping ground for all the wedding, Christmas and shower gifts you might have received throughout the years.... read more →
Jan 05

Beach Days vs. Snow Days!

Usually, when people think about California, they think of two things, the beach and warm weather. However, for those of us who live here, we understand that warm weather isn’t always as warm as we’d like it to be. While a cold day for us is about at least 40... read more →
Dec 01

Your Best Holiday Detox!

Who doesn’t love the Holidays? All the festive music, the delicious food, family and friends coming together, celebrations of faith and love, and even some really great gift giving. This time of year is something we all look forward to, but sometimes we forget what an emotional toll it can... read more →
Nov 02

Busy Parents Gift List

Do you know any busy parents? Do you sometimes wonder what to get them for the Holidays? Wonder no more! Below are ten fantastic gifts for any busy parent, and if that applies to you, treat yo’self!   Gift Cards: Why do people act like gift cards are a bad... read more →
Oct 10
Halloween laundry

How to Wash Halloween Costumes

Halloween is almost here! Soon, a bunch of pirates, princesses, cowboys, and Elsa’s are going to be running around your neighborhood. Halloween is absolute fun for all involved, but cleaning up after can be a bit of a headache. Most costumes are made of synthetic materials that stain easily. That... read more →
Sep 04
Woman meditating in the lotus position closeup

Washing Those Stinky Workout Clothes!

Even though the rest of the country is probably getting ready for fall, we Californians are going through somewhat of a heatwave. While the extra heat is the perfect excuse to get to the beach or pool one more time before school starts, all this extra heat causes extra sweat.... read more →
Aug 30

Introducing Freshly Folded Laundry Service

Has your grandmother or your mother ever told you about how excited they were to get their first washing machine? Washing machines were first invented in the late 1700’s, but were not popularized as household appliances until the 1940’s and 1950’s. As these machines became more and more common, many... read more →