​Frequently Asked Questions About Freshly Folded

Questions About Pick Up and Delivery:

You just click on "Schedule a Pickup" and fill in your information. We will pick up your laundry when you request. We will text you when we are on our way and let you know that we picked it up if you are not home. Then we will return your laundry to you clean and ready to be put away.

No you don't. Just leave your laundry in a secure location and let us know where that is.

We offer service to most of the county Monday through Saturday, with NEXT DAY return. Saturday deliveries are returned on Mondays. 

We service Ramona on Thursdays and Alpine on Wednesdays with next day return.

We pick up to all incorporated areas of San Diego County and some of the smaller surrounding areas. When you create an account the software will let you know immediately if you are in our service area.

Turnaround time is next day, unless we pick up your clothes on Saturday then they are returned on Monday.

Our standard is to process your clothes using Tide & Downey, WASH all clothing in COLD water and DRY on MEDIUM heat.  We HANG all collared shirts and women’s blouses, zippered jackets/hoodies, dresses and skirts.  We FOLD all T-shirts, shorts, pants and sweatshirts.   Other detergent options:  Gain, All Free & Clear, Ecos Lavender and Thieves.  Other Softener Options:  Gain, Suavitel, Vinegar, Standard Bounce Dryer sheets or Bounce Free & Clear Dryer Sheets.   

When you sign up for service, there is a place for you to tell us exactly how you want your laundry done.

Our standard is to use Tide detergent and Downey fabric softener.

If you prefer we use one of our other options, just update your preferences in your account.  

Detergent Options: Tide, Gain, All Free & Clear, Ecos Lavender and Purcil

Fabric Softener Options: Downey, Gain, Suavitel, Bounce (standard or Free & Clear) Dryer Sheets

Yes we do!

We offer All Free & Clear or Ecos Lavender detergents and Bounce Free & Clear dryer sheets or white vinegar.

Yes, we recycle hangers.  Send your hangers back with your dirty clothes and we will recycle them.

If you prefer to send your own hangers in, that's fine too.

When sending hangers to us, we kindly ask that you secure them with a rubberband or twist tie so they don't get tangled up.