​Freshly Folded Reviews & Testimonials

I had never used a laundry service before, but wanted to deep clean for my pillows. I was referred by my neighbor and received a credit for my first service, which was a wonderful incentive. Items were bright white and smelled great. I love that you can customize the wash. I highly recommend this company for the best turn around (I got my items back in less than 24hours) and freshness!
Super overwhelmed and with their 25% off discount for new customers, what did I have to lose besides loads of laundry which at that point, I wouldn't have minded if it had grown legs and walked out. Instead, I threw it all in black plastic bags (contemplated my life decisions, possibly throwing away all the clothes and bedding in dumpster) and put it outside my front door. I live in an apartment complex and had included all the instructions for access so I was delighted to see a young man using those directions and walking toward my unit. He was very friendly and wore a mask, told me briefly about the service and answered my questions, then took away my dirty laundry. This morning I woke up to an invoice, paid it, and logged onto the website to see that my laundry was on its way home. I was (admittedly) still in bed when I got a text that my laundry had been delivered. I went outside and there was all my laundry in clear plastic bags and in my laundry basket neatly folded and on hangers. Bedding as well (human and pet.) All I could think of is, that would've taken me an entire day. Now all I have to do is put it away (which I already did in record time) and am all set.
Just started using Freshly Folded laundry service and love it! This company is super professional with amazing customer service. They let you choose every detail of your laundry service (detergent, water temp, folded, hanging). I arrange the pickup and drop off and if I'm not home, they leave it in a secure place. Oh, and I get text alerts throughout the whole process. I actually don't mind doing laundry, but using this service has freed me up to focus on other things. #winwin #peaceofmind #delegate #konmari #freshlyfolded #cleanunderwear